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December 5, 2005 | Writing

LISTS: Do you make a daily list of things to do? You know, car pool, shop, diet, doctor’s appointments, clean something. Where is writing on that list? Right at the top, in the middle, or at the bottom. Do you check it off at the end of day, or is it still on the list, right along with cleaning the bathroom? As a New Year’s resolution, let’s put writing at the top of the list. It may be difficult, especially if you’re working a full time job, but we get other things done. Let’s not be like William Faulkner, but resolve to spend everyday on our craft. As I wrote on my Favorite Article/Book page, Faulkner was a postmaster for a small town in Mississippi. He spent three years, writing, drinking, and playing cards. He read the magazines that were supposed to be delivered, and then threw them away. Wednesday, I’m going to post a new Favorite Article. I read about how an author broke the ten so-called rules regarding writing and was published. Depressing but true. Goal Number 3 for 2006: Learn from my fellow vixens how to write a novella.

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  1. Lists? I LOVE lists. To Do List is my middle name. Studly goes nuts everythime I yank the tattered thing out. I can’t live with out it. If I forget to write one, my day is a waste.

    Your progress is excellent. Keep crackin’ baby. Beth’s been waxing her 2×4.


  2. Oh gawd. Did she just say she was going to learn how to write from us?

    Yasmine. Babe. You sure ’bout that?


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