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Finally – Unity of My Mind

January 23, 2007 | Writing

The last time I blogged, me, myself, and I were discussing how to be on the same page instead of running around in different directions. It’s taken some time, apparently one of us forgot to blog, but we’ve worked out a very good relationship. I decided we would blog once a week, the topic must be writing related and sometimes personal, depending what’s going on. Me wanted to add links of all the great shopping sites she and myself were hanging out, while we were supposed to be writing. I think the Fedex guy loves me.

Someone had to take control, bring our focus back and make our deadlines. I voted to give that responsibility to Molly Herwood, but me and myself, dismissed that bright idea. So, we’ve reworked our writing schedule, making it primary, every fracking day for four hours. We have set hours but we discovered our weight was increasing faster than our page count, since we took a sabbatical from tennis for a couple of months. So, we agreed to return to tennis in February and still make sure to get our four hours of writing in. Myself has a list of agents and publishers we’re submitting our query to in February. Of course, I was the last to know. No one wrote it down on our desk calendar. But apparently we will make that deadline.

We also collaborated on submitting a story to Amber Quill. We joined forces made the deadline and will know by March first how we did. Sloane, Beth, and Virginia liked the part I brought to our critique meeting. Trust me, I don’t think they’ll ever look at cucumbers the same.

Sometimes my unedited pages resemble the writing of a deranged housewife. Oh wait a minute, that’s me, or all of us. Never mind. But there are words on those pages, words that are good, terrible, and just plain stupid, but they’re something I can work with. Now that I’ve outed myself to my friends and family as a writer, my ego won’t let me back down. Damned, another personality to deal with, the ego. Let’s try to keep the id out of this, okay.

Okay, so once a week blogging will occur. I’ll be back next Tuesday. Also, this year I’m going to do something new with my favorites page. Last year I interviewed authors, so stay tuned and I’ll let you know when it premiers.

Keep Writing



January 1, 2007 | Uncategorized

I’ll keep this short. I’m clean my Purple Sanctuary, writing room, and cooking. I cook at the beginning of the year and at the end. The other 364 days are a toss up.

So Welcome to 2007:

May we roll our 2006 successes into 2007 and multiply them many times over,
May our family and friends be at our side to enjoy, encourage and keep us humble,
May our faith in our gifts increase and humility knock us upside the head when it expands too much,
May we see peace, or at least progress toward peace, in our country and the world,
May we not repeat old mistakes, but make new ones to teach us new lessons,
May we let go of slights imagined or actually made against us because life is too short to waste valuable, limited brain cells,
And may we see ourselves in others and appreciate them as we do ourselves.

Happy New Year

Yasmine Phoenix

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