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I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Virginia and lived on the east coast until I moved to Chicago. Apparently I didn’t pay much attention to winter weather reports. I knew only two people, but decided it would be an adventure and if didn’t work out, I could continue west or return to the east coast. That was over twenty-five years ago so I guess it worked out. I’m still not sure about these winters.

I’ve always love to read, mysteries, science fiction, romance, you name it, I’d read it. Nora Roberts once said a writer has to be able to lie, make things up, and do it well. I never gave much thought to becoming a writer while growing up, but English Literature research papers were my specialty. In high school I wrote a story about Prince Charles of the Tunaka Islands. He was rich, handsome, and an outstanding swimmer. He had the ingredients for a great hero but I didn’t know that at the time. His subjects loved him and when an advertising exec saw his water skills, Prince Charles became the inspiration for Charlie the Tuna™ for Starkist. My teachers and classmates believed me, but it was fiction, no prince, no island. I made it up I lied, I did both well in a Catholic school no less. Now I’m learning how to write and create great characters for my pleasure and my future readers when I’m published. I love to stir the pot, mix things up, and raise questions.

I am a Starbucks fiend. I’ve known baristas long enough for them to become adults; marry and have children. A few know my voice when I come through the drive-thru and I’m not talking about one store but several in my surrounding suburbs. I write seven days a week because I want to. I’ve also got a thing for my iPhone, but we won’t go there.

My writers block is tennis. When men and women tournaments are televised I’m right in front of my set. The first part of the year this plays havoc with my sleep since the matches are played in Europe and broadcast late night, early morning. I’ve arranged doctor appointments around the draw. Someone suggested I tape the events, I think my response made their eardrums ring. For fun I play group tennis twice a week. It’s my stress reducer and an opportunity to interact with real people instead of my imagine-real characters.

I’m inspired by a great story written with passion. I hold in high esteem writers who are willing to push the boundaries and take chances with their characters. I’m also a SYFY addict who almost missed my husband’s black tie dinner because the Battlestar Galactic series finale was on. I still don’t understand why he was upset. He wanted to watch it too. He was lucky it was shown twice.

I’m unpublished, for now,a member of Romance Writers of America, Chicago North RWA and Chesapeake Romance Writers. Interracial Multicultural Romance Readers (IMRR) and Reading and Writing for African American Literary Lovers (RAW4ALL) are two other online writers groups I belong to.

My website is about writing, but hey that’s not all there is to life. Writers live a solitary life, so I’ll provide links for fun stuff not related to writing. Enjoy.