Countdown – Day 4/ 27 Days To Go

December 4, 2005 | Tennis

Well, this has been a good day so far. First, my tennis team won three out of five matches, which means we beat the other team. Their captain, a cool woman, wasn’t very happy about it. Gee, Trudy, tell us how you really felt. It’s all in fun, but when you’ve been down so long, it feels good to win. The other two matches were close. I think other teams now think of us as a force to be reckoned with. I didn’t play. I actually got some writing in. I stayed focused, and worked. Well, my brain did keep wondering how my team mates were doing. I skimmed the Nordstrom website, looking at evening gowns that would excite Stephen, my hero. Who says research can’t be fun? I’m working on the scene when Stephen sees Elizabeth dressed to go out and he wants to stay in, and make love. It’s told from his point of view. Naturally, I had to go ask hubby this chicken or the egg question. When excited, what does the brain, if anything say, does it tell you, you’re aroused or does the physically reaction register it first, and then yell to the brain? He gave me this weird look, and asked, “Has this got something to do with your book?” He returned to watching the Bears game.
Goal Number Two for 2006. Outline my paranormal Wicca series and finish the first book by June. I’m looking forward to working on this one. I’m determined to make it multicultural, funny, and dark.

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  1. So, Yasmine, he didn’t answer the question? Guess it was the wrong question to ask him in the middle of a game.

    Good luck with the Wicca book!


  2. You’re doing the right things, Ms. Yasmine. Progress is being made and I’m proud of you.

    Keep up the good work and dedication.


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