May 19, 2006 | Family & Life

I’ve been busy, not writing, living. Living and enjoying life with my family. Observing mostly how we interact with one another and how proud GMan (that would be hubby) and I are of our children.

JGirl graduated from college on Mother’s Day. Leave it to her and Drake University to make it all about the students on Mom’s Day. It was a beautiful ceremony. I didn’t cry. I didn’t cry at her high school graduation either. I must have cried myself dry at her eighth grade graduation. I sat in awe. Didn’t we just sent this girl off to first grade? Didn’t we just have First Communion? There are two other girls she grew up, and they also graduated. I find it amazing how beautiful, intelligent and spoiled they are. They’re on their way to living a successful fun filled life. At least I hope so, I definitely enjoyed my single life. So much so by the time I was twenty-eight, Mommy wanted to know if she’d get grandchildren before she was too old to enjoy them. Still took me another two years to find GMan, but Mommy and Daddy enjoyed their grands for many years.

JGirl is now a young, unemployed college graduate moving back home. Anybody else experienced this? Still experiencing it? JMan isn’t happy about her return. He placed second singles in Boys Tennis Conference. Awesome job!

People say her return will be an adjustment for us. I’m here to tell you, the adjustment for us won’t be as bad as it will be for her – if she makes it so. She’s afraid she won’t fit in. For the first couple of weeks, she won’t. That’s just the plain truth. We’ve developed our own routines and habits. She’ll feel out of place, but she is a truly loved member of our family. Hope she realizes this. I’m looking forward to seeing her face, talking to her, yelling at her, hugging her.

Next week, I’m going to do a Top Five List of Things I’ve Learned from JGirl. Monday, we’ll start with shoes.

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