Where The Heck Have I Been?

May 3, 2006 | Family & Life

Miss me? I looked up and found the month of April had passed by in a blur, no less. Last time I blogged, it was about JGirl graduating in May. Well May is here and the big event is next weekend. We visited JGirl last weekend, in soggy Des Moines. As Maya wrote, she’s grown up and I should enjoy our new mother – daughter relationship. We did, especially the shopping in DSW shoe store. JGirl is absolutely beautiful and afraid to take on the real world. JGirl, if you read this, please make a note that your rent is only paid thru May. Now that she’s about to become a college graduate, she will take on adult responsibilities and I believe this can become quite frightening. After all, she’s had her parents to lean on. Her father is under the riduculous fantasy that once she finds a job, she’ll be on her own and we won’t be fiscally responsibile for her. I’m allowing his allusion only to save his sanity.
As for my writing, I’m doing a lot of reading this month because of all the family activities. I’ve discovered Octavia E. Butler and am reading Parable of the Talents. It’s really good and once I’ve finished a couple of her books, I’ll post them on my website. I also have an article this quarter’s Passionate Ink’s newsletter, entitled “What About Me?” I blogged earlier this year about making the time to write. Hmm, I think I’d better reread the article several times.

Also, next week, Simone Elkes, a soon to be published Young Adult writer, will be answering questions on my Writing Page. I know the majority of us don’t write young adult, but the market has changed and Simone will be addressing those changes and how she got in the YA market, which is very hot.

As for my other passion, tennis. My team made it to the semi-finals. The other club brought out their big guns and clobbered us. Nevertheless, we had a GREAT run and I’m very proud of them. Oh yeah, I’m hosting our year end team party in two weeks.

Apparently, I’m very busy. Hope you are too. Keep writing.

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