Cell Hell

March 30, 2006 | Family & Life

I’m still recovering from Cell Hell! Again, I spent two hours at our friendly cell phone store, trying to replace JMan’s lost phone. Before we left home, I told him we had to have lunch. This visit could take awhile. So after we ate, we went to the store. Walking in, I noticed there weren’t many customers. Good sign, or maybe they’d just removed all the dead bodies from having waited for days. I recognied the employees, and they recognized me. Do you think that’s a bad sign? It took five minutes for my name to be called. Good sign? Then it took fifteen minutes to find a phone, another ten to pay and set it up. Hey, not bad! I’m a pessimist, cause I’m not out the door yet. I figured I get them to look at my PDA. Bad move. Thirty minutes pass. I get a call on my PDA, don’t recognize the number, answer it anyway, it’s JMan sitting in the car. I tell him I’ll be out shortly. By summer I suppose. Then realize, he wasn’t calling from his own cell number! I go outside, and yep they had programmed in another number! Back inside we go. Now, the technican has to take the suspension off of JMan’s account, reprogram his phone. Guess how many techs it takes to do this? THREE! Another thirty minutes, and the technical service department is still having problems. I’m happy to report that when they call their own company, they get placed on hold just like us. So, JMan and I go to the Mall. Thirty more minutes, we’re ready to leave the Mall. Shortest visit I’ve every had. I call his cell number, it rings! Yeah! Then it goes to voice mail. Hot Damn! It’s working. We go back to the cell phone store. I say goodbye to all my new friends and leave. I learned a lot about cell phones and I really started to feel sorry for the employees. Just a little. One man came in, ranting about how the back of his cell phone came off, the maker of the phone couldn’t get him a new one, but he found a third party vendor who sold him a new back. He wanted to know why said cell phone manufacturer made such faulty backs? As my new friend explained, they only sell the phones! They have no control over the parts. He didn’t buy that! She told him to go to hell. Naw, she didn’t say that! She said she’d pass along the information to the cell phone manufacturer. Along with his name, address and picture for their paid assasin. Naw, she didn’t add that last part either. That’s me being a writer. So, I invite you to post your cell phone trauma as a break from writing today.

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  1. Hey, Brock, I haven’t had any real traumas except spending a LOT of time recently at Verizon to get a new phone, but once my cell phone rang, I answered, heard no talking on the other side but I finally realized the person I THOUGHT had called me was having sex, probably in the car, and the phone had got turned on accidentally. Interesting few minutes, that. 😉


  2. Welcome to Verizon! Same company we’re with. I’ve been with them for YEARS and am happy with the service. However, I’m beginning to notice a trend in customer service in retail, and it ain’t positive.

    You know, your incident has potential for an erotica. Hotclue, think about it.


  3. I’ve got a guy who keeps calling and asking for Ferdinand. Tonight I asked him to please make a note that he’s got a wrong number. So then later he calls (I didn’t hear it ring) and leaves a long message on my voice mail where he basically kept saying “hello? Hello” and breathing. Jackass. I want to know if you can block phone numbers from ringing in like you can block an email address? Cuz that’s what I want to do. Either that or call the jerk at 3 a.m. and start talking to him in Russian. Ask for Svetlana. Hmmm.


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