Spring Has Sprung!

April 3, 2006 | Family & Life

Well, for a quick moment we had great weather! JMan’s Boys Tennis Team has begun playing, and this means traveling time. Life intrudes on writing, it’s part of living. There are some advantages of tagging behind the team. I get to see parts of Illinois I might not ever willingly travel to. This state does have some beautiful areas and the citizens are very friendly.

JMan played on the Varsity team, and with his doubles partner he was one win, two losses. Not a bad start to the season. I know the boys were expecting better results, but they were playing against high school juniors and seniors with more experience.

This season means an adaptation on my part. I have to pack snacks and beverages for long afternoons, and bring reading or writing material. I use to bring stacks of stuff, but I learned I only will look at one thing. The rest of the time I’m watching him or the other boys play. It’s hard to accept my son will be graduating from college in two years. I figure that’s about the time JGirl will be financially able to move out on her own.

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