Day 8/ 23 Days To Go

December 9, 2005 | Writing

I’m beginning to sound like those ads for Christmas shopping. “You’ve only got 16 more shopping days.” I think it’s important we organize ourselves and focus on what we can accomplish next year, but continue to write now. Don’t wait, work on your goals now, so you’ll be prepared in 2006.

I’m taking a Feng Shui class through Passionate Ink. I mentioned it before. It’s taught by Bella Andre. I’ve got to tell you, the class is great! My critique partners are no clutter women, me it isn’t clutter unless I have to step very high over it. But thanks to Bella, our class has been experimenting with organizing our space to get control and be productive. I’ve moved my desk, sorted through three piles of papers, filed the important ones, thrown away the useless ones, and found coupons for Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’ve still got about a day and a half of cleaning to do, but Bella stresses that we should take our time, see what works for us. I’ve got editing to do, so I’m multi tasking, and those darn Christmas decorations need to go up this weekend.

Have a writing good day!

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  1. Have you given up sleeping! Your posts are at the most ungodly hour of the morning.

    Glad to hear it’s all coming together. Keep at it, Yasmine, you’re doing great.


  2. You go, girl. One step at a time. That’s what it takes. But make sure you finish. The. Damn. Book.

    You won’t get anywhere if you don’t finish. Keep going as you are, and you’ll get there. I know this.


  3. Hey you! Just wanted to drop by your blog and tell you how much fun it’s been having you in my class!!!

    😉 Bella Andre


  4. I did feng shui on my room and it has helped immensely! I got my desk squared away and clean for once (I’m a hideous pack rat) and got the correct helping/soothing colors tacked up on each wall, got the prosperity colors in their corner and put up crystals and a wind chime.

    Funny, but when you’re aware of your surroundings, you really do get more productive!


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