Day 8/ 23 Days To Go

December 8, 2005 | Writing

It Came Back To Me! Well, while listening to my son’s guitar lesson, I closed my eyes, and whoa, the scene I was working on came back to me. Yes, I did have a pen and my notebook. Wrote it down this time. An additional idea came when I finally went to bed, pen and paper are in the top drawer of my night stand. I’ll keep it in the drawer because ‘others’ may feel the need to borrow.

I need a SciFi fix. Thank Goodness, January 6th all of my favorite programs return. Stargate SG-1, the addition of Claudia Black is great. Stargate Atlantis, ok, great cast but I’m getting tired of the Wraith. Then there’s the Big Daddy of them all, Battlestar Galatcia. Outstanding program! Love the cast, love the characters, love the plot. Helo is hot and Apollo is buff and sexy. Starbuck, she can protect my ass any day.

Have you checked out my Favorite Article Page? Comments would be appreciated. Have a writing day!

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  1. Did you watch The Triangle on SciFi? I thought it was interesting. Pretty good.

    I love Stargate and Atlantis, too. Like you, I’m way tired of the Wraith. I haven’t been able to get into the new Battlestar. I know, probably my loss, but no one can replace Dirk Benedict as Starbuck. It’s just not… right to me that Starbuck’s a girl. No matter how kick-ass she might be.

    YOU have a great writing day, Yasmine!


  2. We knew it would come back to you. Time, peace, and a relaxed mind will allow those good words to flow home.

    I’m happy for you.


  3. Hi, Yasmine: Great idea to do “My Favorite Articles” page. I haven’t seen anyone do this before. I very much like it. Good going!


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