Chronicles of Riddick: Day Two Riddick’s Hero Journey

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“One last question, merc, and you better get this one right? Whose ship is this? Riddick asked Toombs.
“Mine,” Toombs answers.
Then Riddick shoves him out of the vessel and takes off.

Stage Two of the Hero’s journey is: The Call to Adventure. According to Vogler, the hero is faced with a challenge, problem and can no longer stay in his Ordinary World. Although if it were me, getting off that frozen planet would be a no brainer. But for Riddick he now knows the bounty was placed on his head by Imam, one of two he rescued off the alien planet. Someone he ‘showed trust.’ Vogler states: “The Call to Adventure establishes the stakes of the game, and makes clear the hero’s goal: to win the treasure or the lover, to get revenge or right a wrong, to achieve a dream, confront a challenge, or change a life.” With Riddick it looks like he’s out for revenge, because since he’s a wanted man he’s not really righting a wrong unless he turns himself into the authorities. Yeah right.

Once on Helion Prime, Riddick breaks into Imam’s, (the actor David Keith) home and cleans up, physically. And he’s looking really good. When Imam comes home, Riddick quietly and deadly confronts him. Imam, worried about his wife and young daughter, tells Riddick that if it weren’t for the threat of invasion he would have never revealed where Riddick was hiding. Imam’s daughter, Ziza, isn’t afraid of Riddick and asks him: “Are you going to kill the new monsters this time?” Imam responds: “Such are our bedtime stories.” Riddick wants the pay day off his head. So Imam summons three clerics who come to try and persuade Riddick to help them stop the Necromonger invaders. Then Aereon, (actress Judi Dench), an Elemental who was the one who placed the bounty on Riddick’s head. She explains her reason is because he’s a Furyan, the one race the Lord Marshal fears. As she explains the situation, Riddick says “Maybe you should pretend you’re talking to someone educated in the penal system, better yet don’t pretend.”
Judi Dench

What’s your favorite line from this scene?

Stage Three of the Hero’s Journey as written by Vogler is: Refusal of the Call – The Reluctant Hero. Riddick is indeed a reluctant hero. He tells Imam, after he beats the crap out of the soldiers, it’s not his fight. Imam challenges him by telling him that young Jack never forgave him for leaving her and she left looking for him. Vogler says: “The hero has not yet fully committed to the journey and may still be thinking of turning back.” Riddick leaves looking for way off the planet, but witnesses the invasion.

Imam flees with his family and they are separated. Riddick saves Imam first and then his family.
Any lines from this scene?

Wednesday I’ll get to the really good stuff. Lots of Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, and the adventure begins.

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  1. “You said it’s all circling down the drain, the whole universe right? Had to happen sometime.”


  2. By the way this is really cool to do!


  3. Hi Yasmine,

    This is all way out of my element, but I’m ecstatic you’re blogging again. Keep up the good work!


  4. Oh Jenna That’s a great line. I love it. Riddick closes the door so Ziza doesn’t hear him.

    Yes Sloane I’m taking tiny steps back and thought this would be a fun way to get back into my writing. Plus Christopher Vogler’s book sits on my desk. It’s one of my referral sources. However after you read it you’ll never watch a movie the same way again. Walt Disney was a big fan of Joseph Campbell and his book was mandatory reading for Disney screenwriters.


  5. I’ve never followed this story so I have no favorite line. But I like the analysis. I think it will be interesting hearing about the different steps.


  6. I love how Zisa was wiggling her finger at the big bad murderer through the screen.

    We’ll get her writing yet, Sloane!


  7. Stay with me B.A. Jenna and I will led you through this. I’ll be posting Thursday the next three stages in the hero’s journey: the mentor, crossing the first threshold, tests, allies and enemies. Also the anti-hero as hero. We all know Riddick ain’t your typical hero. He’s a badass, someone you fear in the dark, but if you are in the dark you want him on your side or in front of you.


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