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Welcome to my website!

My name is Yasmine Phoenix and I craft dark, urban paranormal stories with interracial and multi-cultural characters in Chicago. I chose the Phoenix as inspiration because to me she symbolizes beauty, life, and passion. My stories contain magic and are where good and evil can turn on a dime.

Writing has a lot to do with the Phoenix. Lam Kam Chuen, a feng shui Master says the Phoenix is a bird that leads, doesn’t follow and is always searching and observing. It has vision, collects sensory information about our environment, creates intense excitement and provides deathless inspiration. That’s what writers do. We look beyond our everyday environment, take the ordinary make it extraordinary and find the happily ever after. We use our senses to create something unique and put it on paper. We use our experiences, our dreams as guides and let our imagination run free. We thrill our readers, take them somewhere else, make them happy, put them in touch with their emotions, create discussion and provide inspiration for other writers and ourselves. Whatever genre you read, you can always return again and again to enjoy their work, find something new you didn’t read the first time and fuel your own writing.

The Phoenix legend states the bird lives a long full life and when it’s time to die, builds her funeral pyre, sets it on fire, and is consumed by the flames. After three days from her ashes a new Phoenix arises ready to experience life again. I can honestly relate because most days I’d like to burn the pages I’ve written. I settle for recycling them and keep writing. I don’t give up I rise the next day ready to write again.

I am unpublished but each day I work to improve on my chosen career, author. This is my journey and I know many of you either share it with me, or love to read, so I invite you to look around my revamped website. I hope you find something to inspire you, make you laugh, or information you can use. If you do, email me.