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March 9, 2006 | Writing

Erotic romance is one of the hottest, subgenres of romance writing right now. Good erotic romance can be found in westerns, contemporary, futuristic, and paranormal stories. Every major publisher is jumping ( yep, that’s a pun ), on the sex bandwagon. Just like chicklit, erotic sells. Ellora’s Cave, paved the way, demonstrating that female readers are looking for hot stories, hot men, and if the hero is a bodice ripper, he better know what to do after that garment comes off. Erotic romance is NOT PORN. Yes there is sex, sex scenes that make you want to spray ice cold water on your body, or have a hunk do it for you. Jan Springer is a excellent writer of erotic romance, and this month she is answering questions on my website about writing erotic romance. I’m going to post a few of her answers to questions, here. She is also an online instructor, and last year, taught an erotic writing class, that resulted in the online writers support group, called Brazen Hussies/Vixens. I’m one of these vixens, and our group is strong, with many of the members being published in the past year. We provide support, both writing and personal to one another. I’m glad I took the class. My critique partner, Sloane Taylor, took the class, found her niche, and is being published this spring! If you have questions for Jan, send them to YasminePhoenix@aol.com and she’ll answer them. Enjoy!

Question: When did you start writing?

I was a hobby writer since my teens, writing off and on. I seriously started writing romantic suspense in the late 1990’s following a car accident.

Question: You wrote Peppermint Creek and its sequel, As Big As The Sky, which were romantic suspense, how did you switch to erotic romance?

Being an avid reader of romance and many of it’s subgenres I found myself loving the romantic suspense genre and decided writing it. I thought I would write it forever but a trip to the Romance Writer’s of America’s New Jersey chapter changed my whole writing path when on a whim I took an erotica workshop. The teacher read hot sexy excerpts from erotica books and I was blown away! I had no idea these types of books were out there. (Boy was I ever innocent back then!) At that point though I was convinced I couldn’t write such graphic stuff…it looked too hard.

When I went home I started to read erotica. Soon after that I discovered Ellora’s Cave and erotic romances. Yummy to say the least! I picked up several of their ebooks and became immediately hooked to the genre. It wasn’t long before a little voice in the back of my head was saying “hmmm maybe I can write this hot stuff too?”

Question: Why do you write erotic romance?

For me it is the rush! Literally. Writing sex scenes allows me to incorporate my own fantasies in my writing which is lots of fun. Writing the romance part allows me to explore how I’d like my own real-life hero to be (when he comes along). I hope my enjoyment shines through in my writing allowing readers to enjoy the stories as well.

Question: Could you provide your definitions of romance, erotic romance, erotica, and pornography?

For me I think romance is the development of a caring relationship between a hero and heroine that blossoms into love. The sex is a byproduct. Not a big important part of the picture.

Erotic Romance is equal parts or a big part of the plot being a solid romance as well as an equal part being sex. And let’s not forget the purpose of an erotic romance is to arouse the reader as well as using those naughty words that your mom told you not use.

Erotica is mostly sex driven with the plot being secondary and less emphasis on a romance. Or the romance doesn’t exist.

Pornography – it’s just sex with some or no plot. LOL.

Anyways that how I see them.

More later.

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