Is The Glass Empty, Half Full, or Almost Full?

March 2, 2006 | Writing



My last blog was about writing as a career. Was I bitching, or excited? Can’t really tell, probably both. My critique partner, Sloane Taylor, responded agreeing with my analysis, but also reminding me of my accomplishments in the past year. Somehow, they’d slipped my mind. Lots of things slip my mind these days. I have been growing my writing career. Sloane reminded me I had created a website, designed by Karen, attended my first RWA conference, submitted to agents, taken more online workshops, and read the illustrated version of Strunk and White. I also forgot, I’m coordinator for this year’s Chicago North’s Fire and Ice Contest, the chick lit category, joined the newsletter staff of FF&P, and also signed up to work on the By-Laws Committee for FF&P. Apparently, I am involved in my career, and making progress. I must make a copy of this blog for my yearly evaluation. Boy, won’t the boss be proud of me! But, I know my Boss is going to want the answer to the following question. When are you going to be published? According to Simone, the President of the Chicago North RWA Chapter, the answer to this questions is simple. A member told her, “We have blank number of rejections. When we’ve reached said blank number, we will be published.” Now of course, this also means that in order to reach said blank rejection number, we must submit. So, we must submit, not quit, is another way of looking at it. If we don’t submit, we won’t reach the rejection number. Still doesn’t answer the question posed by the Boss. I’m working toward having a suitable answer for her by my evaluation date. Meanwhile, I’m updating my spreadsheet with all my writing responsibilities. Looking at the spreadsheet, does make me smile. I see more and more activity on it. Again, thank goodness for Market Day. I think I’m going to add their link to my website.

Just like any other career, we must involve our selves in activities that promote our business. It helps keep us current with trends, make contacts and friends, and we learn. No business is staid, if so it will cease operations quickly.

Today’s career hint: I have a writing spreadsheet I use to chart my daily progress on my work in progress, and I have to add the other activities I’m involved in. It helps keep me focused. Some writers count words daily, I don’t. I chart according to what I worked on, where I left off, and what’s left to do. The other tool I use is a daily Dilbert 2006 desk calendar. It is ONLY FOR WRITING. No doctor or hair appointments, no tennis matches, nothing but writing. Writing or article deadlines are inked in, I use flair color pens, relatively cheap, and long lasting. As Sloane can tell you, I like nice things, I’m a gadget freak, and am colorful.

Have a great weekend, see ya March 7th.

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  1. Yasmine, have you read what you wrote on these last two blogs? Have you noticed the power of your sentences? The EXACT punctuation? The proper syntax? How fucking good they are?

    My word, woman, you can write!!! But your life is filled with so much. Here’s my question to you;

    After all you’ve gone through these past two years, and it has been a lot, are you afraid a rejection will be the crushing blow to your life?

    I love you, my friend, and only want what’s best for you.


  2. Hmm, you might have a point, Psychotherapist Sloane. Thank you for the comment on my sentence skills. Hot Damn! I feel like I’m on the edge of the cliff of success, and can’t decide whether to jump or not. Don’t all writers feel this way? Hey, maybe there’s an article in there for PI. Death of both parents is the absolute worse thing that could, and did happen to me. Rejection hurts, but I can always purchase another gadget, or LV purse, to soothe my ego. Then, I get mad, and keep going. You are truly a good, great friend. My success is finding you, and Beth. To have female friends, that have egos, but not the type of ego looking for imperfections in their friends is a treasure.


  3. I think your glass is almost full. And guess who has to fill it.

    Yep. You.


    Cheers, Beth, who KNOWS you can write, and yes, who has gone through the same shaky feelings you’re having, and who still has them herself.


  4. Here’s to needing a pitcher by 2007!


  5. Here’s to needing a pitcher, in 2007!


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