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January 1, 2006 | Inspiration

Well guess what? 2006 has arrived. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the first day of January. Last year was very traumatic and I learned what a supportive group of family and friends I truly have. My mother died suddenly on February 26th, fifteen months after my father died. It has taken me almost a year to accept I won’t be hearing her voice or feeling the loving touch of her hand on me. Now, I’ve cleaned and feng shui’d my writing space and am rearing to go. I haven’t made any real new year resolutions. Don’t believe in them. There is no use in my denying my unflinching addiction to potato chips. So I’m going to keep eating them ( in moderation and no baked chips PLEASE)
I’m taking the route of new beginnings, continuing with what matters, and learning.
Beginnings means develop new writing projects, taking control of my health by eating regularly, including vegetables in my diet (that includes carrots with ranch dressing), embracing our daughters’ soon to be new life as a college graduate, and see the power in each day, even if the sun isn’t shining.
Continuing, finish the line editing for my book so I can submit it, fine tune my website with Karen’s every present guidance, work on my tennis singles game and get my team to the playoffs, and when the time permits decorate my house (ok, so that could be Christmas again).
Learning, writing is always about learning. I’m so thankful for my online vixens, FF&P, Passionate Ink, Chicago North RWA and Pro-Org. What a wealth of information and strong opinions.
And the beauty of all three, is I have Beth and Sloane to journey with me.
Sloane ended the year with a contract for Teddi Turns On from Triskelion. I’m still celebrating her success. You should see Sloane in action. Once she identified her voice and what she wanted to write, she was methodically in her approach. She learned her genre and wrote, then rewrote and wrote it again. Beth, a multi-published author, was the one who saw our potential (now I know why she was staring at me), asked us to write with her and has gently (stop snickering Sloane) taught us. Of course, that big 2X4 lurking in the corner takes me back to Catholic grade school, and has a lot to do with our getting it. At least on the fifth try, as is my case.

So to all my fellow writers, tennis players, and friends stay tuned. I’m coming out swinging!

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  1. Happy New Year, Yasmine. I know you’ll hit a grand slam!


  2. Thanks Sherrill and as soon as I figure out what I did wrong, I’ll fix your link on my links page. Ugh. You’re rocking too vixen. Hot, hot, hot!


  3. I went over and took a look, dear. It’s only a matter of a typo in the link — sherrill should have two r’s. 🙂


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