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December 16, 2005 | Tennis

All writers would love to spend hours, creating, working on our craft – uninterrupted. Just as we’re getting a scene to work, the dialogue is kicking, and the characters are telling us what is happening to them – our kids need to be picked up, or a fever is raging and they need to go to the doctor, or hubby and the kids no longer want take out, they want a really home cooked meal. Preferably in their own home. It’s holiday season and there are parties you have to go to, decorations that must be put up. Well, here comes my weekend. My daughter returns from college today, on her 22nd birthday. When did she turn 22? This is a tennis weekend. I’ve practice today, Saturday morning, and a match Saturday evening. I’m playing singles Saturday, second position, not first. I’m good, not stupid. Remember I said writing was like tennis? Well, here I go, putting myself out there in front of people, demonstrating my expertise. I have to focus on what I’m doing, not allow interruptions to distract me, and try my best to win. This match is especially lonely, because the club we’re playing at, makes the second singles players, play on one side, while the other players are on the other. So, it’s just me, my opponent and hopefully my daughter who is coming to watch. Not much dialogue, unless you count our talking to each other about if the ball was in or out and we’re ready for the next point to begin. Lots of screams, not from passion, but from me for missing a shot. After I recuperate from this, we’re going out for a family dinner Sunday to celebrate her birthday. Then comes Monday morning – I’m free to work on the next few chapters of my book. Christmas Break will be in full force. I don’t have to worry about Santa, buying toys, but I do have to worry about hiding gifts and remembering where I hide them. A few events, but a relatively easy two weeks. So wish me luck, some of you know where to find me online, and I’ll be back Monday.
Oh, I did post my rejection letter on Writing Humps, Dumps and Lumps. If you decide to share yours, don’t worry, no real names will be used.

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  1. Have a good week-end and a winning match! And be patient with J-Girl. LOL


  2. Go get em, Yasmine!


  3. Hope you won your match, Yasmine!!


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