Countdown Continues – Sort Of

December 13, 2005 | Writing

My horoscope for Tuesday December 13 states: You know you need to get back to business, but you can’t help being distracted by what you’d rather be doing. Hey, you’re only human. Bribe yourself with something special – if, and only if, you finish your work.

Well duh, I guess that says it all. I attended my Chicago North monthly meeting last night. I really like these women. I’m the only ‘dark woman’ of color in the group and they’ve always made me feel a part of the group. One in particular, doesn’t really know me, but damn if she isn’t always pushing me to succeed, to not settle for okay, go for the best. It’s like she sees something I don’t see as clearly. It’s also probably got something to do with the fact she shares my daughter’s name. So far, everything she’s told me has been correct. Guess I should listen to her, huh? The President has a lot of potential and quiet energy, could be wrong on the quiet part. She’s going to be published next year. There is inspiration and success in this group. Between them, my online fellow writers and friends, and my critique partners, I suppose my horoscope is on target. So back to work, I can think of a few things I want to reward myself with. And no, I can’t bribe myself with tennis this time, that’s part of my life.

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  1. Such will power is to be admired! Now get your ass back to work because you have to have CHAPTERS for our meeting tonight.


  2. You go, girl. Believe that there’s a publisher (no, publishers, plural) that are waiting to discover your talent. Work it.


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