What I Learned the 2007 Summer

September 18, 2007 | Writing

I don’t meet with my critique partners during the summer. It appears I have less time than in the fall. I miss the ladies and tonight was my first meeting back! Great stuff going on.
Now that September has arrived, I thought I’d share what I learned this summer. No particular order.
1. Model in a Bottle really works.
2. Juking is not a sport.
3. Really nice restaurants leave a bit of the straw paper on the top of the straw when serving your cold drink.
4. Airline travel – SUCKS!
5. If you can’t afford to buy a t-shirt with a saying printed on it, please don’t wear one with a saying written with a magic marker.
6. While driving from Georgia to South Carolina I thought about the Civil War and how long it took for information to travel about the battles. Cell phones and faxes would have been great.
7. If we don’t use our talents, take advantage of them, then they’re wasted.
8. Double toilet rolls means means more tissue on a roll, NOT thicker ply tissue.
9. Losing weight can be as much fun as eating.
10. When your Internet connection goes down, you are all alone in the world.
11. You can’t spend money twice, but you sure can try.
12. There is no such thing as the perfect handbag.
13. JMan is maturing and hiding it well.
14. Eating is fun.
15. I can find a Starbucks anywhere!
16. I’m a vegetarian, but when I play tennis I crave Big Macs and hot dogs.
17. Hot flashes: Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four has got nothing on me. “Flame on!”
18. If you put away clean clothes, they will be worn and dirty again. So don’t put them away.
19. Law and Order Mondays are fantastic.
20. I love westerns and they’re making a comeback.
21. I can watch tennis matches on the Internet.
22. Why don’t some celebrities in real life, look like their publicity shots?
23. Shopping in Home Depot can be almost as much fun as shopping at Macys. I SAID ALMOST!!
24. Skye, my beagle, loves me.
25. Note to OJ Simpson – Johnny Cochran is dead.
26. Virginia Tech – mans’ brutality can only be exceeded by his imagination of how to inflict brutality.
27. Molly Herwood always has my back. That’s because she’s always pushing me forward.
28. JGirl is enjoying her single adult life and I have a place to visit.
29. During my trip to South Carolina and visiting my father’s family, I tried to imagine what it was like for him to grow up as the son of a sharecropper.
30. I miss my parents very, very much.
31. I’m still married. What is wrong with this guy?
32. You can go home again, however – a. it might be torn down and turned into a Starbucks, b. the neighborhood has changed; c. no one remembers you; d. you don’t remember anyone; but e. your memories will last you a lifetime and make you smile.
33. Reality shows are surreal.
34. Men gossip, they call it sports talk radio.
35. A lot of women look like me, not Halle Berry or some model.
36. About #31, I could never be married to anyone else but him.

There are probably other things I learned this summer, but this is the top of the list.

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  1. Yasmine,

    You are an amazing writer. I love you style and sense of humor. Please don’t wait so long to blog again. I miss you!


  2. I love the look of your new blog. Sloane was right. You are a very talented writer and you’re very funny. Keep it up.



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