November 22, 2006 | Writing

You know, we all talk about getting ‘the call’. To be published, how exciting it will be. Well, I’m going to be published! Not my book, it’s not ready for public viewing, but by January, 2007 it will be. I’m going to be published in a black romance anthology.

About four to five months ago, a published author friend, Dyanne Davis, sent me an email telling me to submit a short story for a black romance anthology being put together. Dyanne didn’t have to tell me once, she had to tell me three times before I pulled out a story idea that’s been rambling around in my head for some time. First off, short stories are harder than novels. How do you cram an entire plot, develop characters and have a happy ending in such a short word count? It took me a few days and Sloane Taylor even looked at it, although I don’t know if she remembers doing so. So after a few days of editing it, tighting it, mumbling and grumbling over it, I sent it in. Rejection is such a mother and I didn’t think I’d be accepted. Then Monday, November 20 I receive an email from Kim Louise, a co-editor and contributing author for this anthology, telling me I was going to be included in the collection. My short story, The Red Dress, made it through two review rounds. I stared at my computer screen for at least five minutes – stunned. I’m still stunned and excited.

My story is about a magical red dress available in a consignment shop. The dress calls to women who are experiencing self esteem and romance problems. Once they put the dress on, no matter what their shape or size, they begin to feel beautiful, because the dress conforms to flatter their body. The dress also helps their self esteem. If the woman, while wearing the dress, experiences emotional doubts the dress will constrict, pinch or do whatever it takes to make them dismiss the thought. Once the woman’s issue(s) has been resolved, she is compelled to return the dress to the shop so it can be cleansed and prepped for the next woman. Needless to say, it’s a paranormal and no, I don’t know where such a dress shop is located. However, if I ever come across such a shop, I’m wearing the dress first.

I chose the color red because it is a vibrant color. When you wear red you’ve got to be willing to have your physical flaws for public viewing. We wear black because it’s so forgiving, hiding bumps and lumps. Women have many hangups about their size and shape. Advertising doesn’t help. Add to those woes, women trying to find a soul mate, will sometimes behave in ways detrimental to their our self esteem and well being as a person.

I tried to write the story with a moral for women, and with JGirl in mind. If you truly believe in yourself, set your standards high and don’t let others intimidate you because you don’t wear a size three, you won’t so easily settle for someone who can’t appreciate your inner beauty and you won’t lower your values just to have any man.

I’ll keep you posted. The anthology is going to be published by Parker Publishing, LLC and will be called Soul Love: The Ultimate Collection “Celebrating African-American Romance Fiction”

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  1. Congratulations on the short story. It sounds wonderful, and I can’t wait to read it.

    You know what this means, don’t you? It’s confirmation you have TALENT as a writer, so you really need to get back to work on the novel.


  2. MizM thank you for scaring me. I’ll get you later. You’ll have to wait until 2008, but by then, we’ll both be published (hint, hint). Talent, is good and I know I have it. That’s not bragging. But do I have enough determination and perservance to keep writing? With you on my a$$, … er you on my side every day, and my critique partners, I’ll do you guys proud. Happy Turkey Day.


  3. WTG, Yasmine! I’m proud of you and so happy. Can’t wait until you finish your novel. The world is waiting, Sweetie, so get your ass in gear.


  4. See, we toldja! I’m so thrilled for you, and yes, it is confirmation of something we all always knew, you have loads of talent! You come up with things in our crit group that nobody else thinks of, what a great way for a budding author to be!

    Congratulations, but I’m not surprised. Now the pressure’s on. We always knew it, now YOU know it. I second Sloane. Get busy, woman! (Not that you haven’t been, but you know what I mean.)

    Love, Beth, expecting to see great things from you.


  5. Ah, my critique partners, pat on the back, leather and feather whip on my a$$! I feel so loved. So, thank you and it’s on with the double D & P. Determintion, Dedication and Perservance.


  6. That is so exciting! Congratulations and good luck! :o)


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