My Muse, Is Not Amused

August 31, 2006 | Tennis

Nora Roberts in an August 2006, Romance Writers Report, was asked if she believed in the writing muse. Her response was classic and words to live by. “If you need to believe in the muse, let’s say, fine and dandy. Whatever works for you. But don’t tell me you can’t work today because the muse has left you. Go track down that fickle slut, drag her back, chain her to your keyboard, and GET TO WORK.”

I believe her words, but my muse right now is having a difficult time concentrating and I’m making allowances for it. It’s time for the US Open, and it’s Andre Agassi’s last tournament. He’s retiring afterward, regardless of how deep he goes in the draw. Monday night was fantastic and I had to watch. Andre and his opponent, another Andre Pavel, split the first two sets and when I got home from my critique group meeting, Agassi was down four, love. In other words, his opponent had four games, Agassi had none. It looked like he was done, but he dug deep, the New York crowd cheered him on and he won the next five games, won the tie break and then won the fourth set. Awesome! It’s always been awesome when Agassi played. When he had the long ponytail and black painted nails, now he’s bald, a father of two, thirty five years old and still hot. I want him to teach JMan. I’m also watching Thursday evening. I want him to win, but I want him to lose with the dignity he possesses. Andre said you don’t win Grand Slams, you take Grand Slams. When Agassi was falling in the rankings, he played the unglamorous men’s Challengers. He worked his way back into playing shape, by running up and down a mountain near his Las Vegas home. He never gave up and that’s why JMan and I watch him together. Inspiration for both us.

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  1. Very nice analogy tying a tennis hero to your writing. I’m impressed.
    Now get back to work on your book.


  2. LOL. I am so TIRED from Agassi’s match last night. He won it in a fifth, made me scream, set, that had me clutching my crystal and developing a headache.I need to recover this morning and will be back on the book writing by noon. JMan went to bed, but was pumped when he heard the news this morning. My muse and I have agreed to work around tennis matches.


  3. Tape the damned matches and get your ass back to your computer!


  4. Ok excuse me, but did you take the SOLITAIRE game off of your computer. It’s raining in New York, so until the matches resume, my muse is tied to the keyboard and I’m writing. Thanks, Molly and Sloane.


  5. Hmmpf! Solitaire? I don’t know nuttin’ about no stinkin’ solitaire.


  6. Riiight.


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