JGIRL: One BIG Leap!

August 25, 2006 | Family & Life

JGirl has moved on with her life. She graduated from college in May, of this year and was determined to begin her adult life somewhere other than Chicago. I’ve got to give credit and respect to my daughter, when she sets her mind to do something, good or bad, she does it. She sought employment here, but concentrated her efforts south. Did it work? Yes, indeed. JGirl, is now employed in her major public relations and she obtained the job she wanted. Although, she was a nervous wreck after her interview. I listened her to whine all the way from the airport home. I thought I was drunk by the time we reached our driveway.
“Oh, they’re not going to hire me. No one’s going to hire me. I’ll never get a job. My interview went bad.”
My motherly advice was simple.
“Shut up. You probably got the job. How’d you like to be in my shoes? I’m trying to write, find an agent and get published. Why did I ever think I could be a writer at my age. You’re young, you’ve got your life ahead of you, me, mine is downhill from here. I’ve got, what, maybe another twenty, thirty years to live? You’ll just be hitting your stride?”

Well that shut her up, she went to sleep in the car. Of course, the following Monday, she received an email offering her the job of her dreams. Spoiled, intelligent, beautiful brat! I’m so very proud of her.

We drove to Atlanta last weekend and the trip was uneventful, except she didn’t like the way I drove her car. Operating on just one cup of Starbucks, she’s very lucky I didn’t crash. We looked for apartments and after viewing one gated complex with lighted tennis courts, a large swimming pool, a great fitness center, I was convinced this was the place she needed to live. JGirl reminded me, she would be paying the rent and we’d only be providing financial support for a couple of months. Stop laughing, yeah like that’s gonna happen. And Atlanta will have ten inches of snow this winter. We did find an apartment complex, within her budget, ten minutes from work, the neighborhood she wanted to live in, and one I was very pleased with.

Now, it’s Popi, her father’s turn. There’s furniture to be bought, first month’s rent to be paid, a computer and television to be shipped, along with at least sixty pairs of shoes. Okay, not sixty, more like seventy-five.

I left Atlanta, numb, expericing all sorts of mixed emotions and unable to pin down just one. I recalled when I graduated from Howard and moved into my first apartment. My parents bought my furniture and sent me on my way with love, admiration and pride. Mommy and Daddy are dead now, but the generation trend continues and I know I’ve done right by JGirl and their legacy. Neither of my parents had beyond a six grade education, but together they raised me, paid for my Catholic education, college, graduate school and two cars, one used and one new. Don’t get any ideas, JGirl, I was an only child, we’ve got JMan, your brother. I feel their pride and I see my pride in my daughter. Our relationship is changing and I love it. She’s more like me than she realizes, but that’s okay, I turned out pretty good.

I salute you JGirl and all the other JGirls who are experiencing life on their own. Much luck, prayer and success.

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  1. Beautiful, Yasmine. I know you’re proud of her and you should be, she’s beautiful and smart. She’ll be fine.

    Now get back to your book! 😉

    Love, Beth, holding her velvet two by four behind her back.


  2. Beth, would you whip me even if I get back to work? Thanks, you should be proud of her too, you’ve listened and given great advice the past few years I’ve know you. Love Ya.


  3. JGirl is one fortunate woman to have you for a mother. Actually, Dru wants to know if you’ll adopt her!!

    Your parents have a wonderful legacy in you and your children. Good Job!!

    Now get your ass back to your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. It’s tough to let go of anything. I can’t imagine having to let go of a child, even if the age says, “ADULT.” It’s a big bad world, but you — and J-Girl — will survive.

    Now get back to your book 😉


  5. I’m sensing a ‘trend’ here from Beth and Sloane. Yes, ladies I’m going, I’m going. Cause here comes my boss, and she ain’t got no velvet 2×4.

    Tell Dru: one daughter is enough for me, thank you very much. She’s a hell of a young woman also.


  6. Molly, eh tu? Gee whiz. Okay, back to work, but watch out, I may make the three of you characters in my book!!


  7. What a lovely tribute to both your parents and your daughter. Reading this blog was a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you.


  8. I’m glad Maya, it helped get your day started.


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