June 2, 2006 | Writing

Yesterday was an awesome day for my critique partner, Sloane Taylor. Her first book, Teddi Turns On, was released from Triskelion Publishing. Sloane is an awesome woman, writer, and friend. It’s said you can’t pick your relatives, but you can pick your friends. Luckily, Sloane and I were picked by our mentor, the woman with the two by four, the woman who said we could write, and proceeded to show us how. I really hope her medication doesn’t run out, she’s been so patience with us. Insistent too.

Sloane found her voice in erotica, and she’s damn methodical and good at writing this genre. She’s also highly, annoyingly so, detailed and neat. Therefore, she will never step foot in my writing space, unless I have a week’s notice.

The most valuable lesson I think any writer can learn from Ms Taylor, is when you find what you want to write, LEARN IT!! Sloane read, researched, diagrammed, maybe even practiced on Studly, until she had every word, every scene, every moment in her book right. It was awesome to watch, tiring to for those who are pantsers.

I’m watching every move, Sloane makes. Learning from her and enjoying having her as a friend and writing partner.

You can find Sloane at http://www.SloaneTaylor.com

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  1. Yasmine, you’re the best. Thanks for the plug.

    We prop up each other. Here’s to your forth coming success, Sweetness.


  2. Way to go, baby!

    It IS a lovely day,isn’t it. And yeah, Sloane is terrifyingly organized. I shiver when I see her come into my house with her steamer trunk full of notes to herself, in alpha-numeric order and a separate colored folder for each category. Look on her blog, you’ll see she has a thousand categories. 😉 Well, maybe that’s a SLIGHT exaggeration…

    It’s a happy, happy day. I can’t wait for yours!

    Beth aka Hotclue Herself


  3. You see, Ladies, it is my God given talent to whip you two into shape before I exit this earth. Since I write about German men just remember, “You WILL clean your workspaces. You WILL learn to organize.” And since I write erotica consider that whipping comment – carefully.


  4. I was married to a German man first time around and I DID divorce him after 12 years of that crap, LOL!

    Then again, I do have almost endless patience. 😉

    The whip? Well, as long as it’s velvet, with soft little feathers at the end…


  5. Ah yes, my critque partners. Both kittens with whips, loads of patience, and great senses of humor. Can’t wait to see the organization of Sloane’s next book. I don’t think they make spiral notebooks large enough.


  6. Sarcasm is one of your finer points, Yasmine. You should use more of it in your books and less to your CPs. LOL.


  7. I HAVE to practice on somebody, and you guys are it. Especially since you can sling it as well. With love of course.


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