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February 8, 2006 | Family & Life

A couple of days ago I blogged about my son, JMan and how well he played in a tennis tournament. He was awesome, focused, committed, and made me very proud. APPARENTLY, Blogger saw fit to first post my blog, and then take it away, along with a previous blog I had written. According to a Maya, a writer friend of mine, there have been some technical problems. UGH. I had told a couple of tennis pros about the blog, and thankfully they got to read it. I’m hoping this blog gets published! Although JMan, made it to the second round of the tournament and lost to the second seeded player, he was still happy about how well he did. A couple of years ago, he’d lose in the first round, and spend the next few days talking about how he was a first round loser. Now, he’s got the first round under his belt, and the goal is to go further into a tournament. My son is a shy fifteen year-old, who is deaf in his right ear. His left ear is called a ‘Golden Ear’, because he can hear 100% out of it. He doesn’t like having a handicap. Football and basketball were eliminated because they’re contact sports, and he might damage the left ear. Plus, there is a lot of noise in both sports, so it’s difficult for him to tell where sounds come from sometimes. The school system has been great helping him learn how to cope with the disability. Tennis is a sport he can play, either singles or doubles. It’s competitive, and he maybe able to play in college. Are we proud of him, yes. He plays again this weekend. Oh Joy! Mom will be there, nervous, excited, and ready to support him whatever the outcome.

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  1. Sounds like you did a decent job of raising him. Have fun this weekend.

    I’m off to drool over avatar – surprise, surprise.


  2. Thank You. So far, JMan’s not showing any signs of rebellion like JGirl. However, he could wake up tomorrow morning, and think he’s the next Kanye West, or PDiddy.


  3. If he thinks he’s the next Kanye – kill him. Just…smother him in his sleep or something. I’ll be your alibi.


  4. I have a lot of respect for both Kanye and PDiddy. They’re proud black men of substantial ability.

    Sure, they go over the top sometimes, but neither one has jumped on a couch that I’ve seen.


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