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January 6, 2006 | Writing

Well, it’s the first Friday of 2006 and today has been busy. Not with writing though. I had tennis practice and running around to do for the family. But this weekend, I plan on continuing my line editing. I found when I changed my story around to focus more on the relationship between Elizabeth and Stephen, there were other subplots that had to be removed and saved for the sequel. My critique partner, Sloane Taylor, blogged her business plan for writing and I’ve taken some notes to try and use some of her plan for mine.
So, I have questions for you, and the answers can’t be written until Sunday evening. How did you spend your weekend? What writing did you do? Did your muse up and take the weekend off? Or did your characters go sit in a corner and refuse to participate?
Also, starting on Wednesday, January 11th, Beth Anderson will be answering questions on my Writing, Humps, Lumps and Dumps page about point of view. Stop by, read what she has to say and she’ll answer questions. This will be a weekly event, January 11th, 18th and 25th. Questions should be sent to my email address, YasminePhoenix@aol.com
Hope you have a writing good weekend and hope to hear from you next week!

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  1. Well, I pulled a story that’s been sitting at a publisher for over 6 months, polished it (again), and sent a query on it to another e-pub. That was Saturday. On Sunday I had an email from the editor asking to see the manuscript. So off it went. I also put the finishing touchees on my submission for the Amber Quill contest. That goes out this morning, so keep your fingers crossed.

    I also started thinking about my next submission to WCP Torrid, planning and plotting it out. All in all, a fairly productive weekend.


  2. Hope your weekend worked out Sherrill. Mine sort of did.


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